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Excelsis Root Canal Specialties provides various Dental Services to cater to the needs of every client. We carefully assess their dental health and provide them with advice on how to care for their dental health. We conduct procedures to repair teeth and gums and prevent further damage to uninfected parts. Our dental services include the following:

Root Canals

Root canals help save teeth that are infected. It is a procedure that is done when there is an infection inside a tooth. This is often caused by untreated cavities that have been infected by bacteria or even injuries. Not all dentists are capable to do this procedure because they need further training to properly perform it. Learn more about Root Canals here

Root Canal Retreatment

For individuals who are experiencing problems with teeth that have undergone root canal treatment before, this procedure can be helpful.

Endodontics Surgery

For tooth damage that is irreparable by non-surgical root canal treatment, endodontists recommend this procedure.

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