Some Factors That Affect Root Canal Longevity

Some Factors That Affect Root Canal Longevity

Just as neither two persons are the same, teeth also differ in big ways. The success of endodontics surgery in Waldorf, Maryland depends on several factors.

A frequently asked question to a Root Canal Specialist in Maryland is how long the tooth can survive without the pulp tissue inside that keeps it alive. Since the tooth is attached to the living bone around it, it can still function even without the root canal system containing its original tissue.

Here are factors which affect the effectivity of the emergency root canal in Clinton, Maryland:

  • Treatment
    The earlier the tooth is treated – without the root canal infection spreading into the bone – the better the outcome. What’s next to consider is if the endodontist quickly and effectively repaired the damaged tooth after root canal treatment has healed. Patients are required to do a second office visit or more to have the tooth restored with a permanent crown or filling right away.
  • All teeth are not created equal
    Basically, the front teeth are used for cutting. The back is for chewing. The front tooth may not need a crown after emergency root canal services.
  • Changes over time
    There is a significant relationship between age and how resistant a tooth is to fracture. Over time, the tooth will have the tendency to become brittle and more vulnerable to fracture.

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