Foods and Drinks Play a Role in Your Oral Health

Foods and Drinks Play a Role in Your Oral Health

When you practice good oral hygiene, it can help prevent oral problems like tooth decay, bad breath, and tooth loss. Of course, the food and drinks that you consume also play a role in your oral health, according to a root canal specialist in Maryland.

Foods and drinks that are too acidic can harm your teeth’s enamel. Consequently, this will leave your teeth unprotected and become sensitive. Try to avoid eating too many citrus fruits and drinking too much coffee or carbonated drinks as much as possible, especially if you already have sensitive teeth.

Some better food choices are whole grains, bananas, vegetables, cheese, oatmeal, nuts, fish, and lean meat. These have a higher pH level, meaning they are low in acidity. They can even help protect your tooth enamel. As for drinks, you can opt to drink water, cucumber or watermelon juice, and unsweetened tea.

If ever you experience pain in your tooth or gum area, you must contact your dentist right away for examination. Prolonging it will only cause the potential infection to spread, leading to more oral problems.

Your dentist may perform an emergency root canal in Clinton, Maryland if your tooth is severely damaged or infected. While it may sound bad, but it will actually ascertain that the rest of your teeth are preserved.

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