How to Manage Root Canal Pain and When to Seek Help

How to Manage Root Canal Pain and When to Seek Help

Are you scheduled to get an emergency root canal in Clinton, Maryland? At the mention of root canal, most people associate it with extreme pain. Although you may experience mild to moderate pain during and after the procedure, excessive pain is not normal.

  • Managing pain at home
    For the first few days after, your tooth may feel sensitive. But this discomfort can easily be relieved with over-the-counter or prescription medications. Follow the instructions of your endodontist to prevent complications. It is also important to remember to avoid chewing on the affected tooth until the final restoration has been completed.
  • When to seek help
    In most cases, root canal pain should go away within a few days. If you still experience pain or swelling, you should see your root canal specialist in Maryland. Most people need one to two sessions for the procedure to be successful.

At Excelsis Root Canal Specialties, our dentists use modern technology and anesthetics to make the procedure quick, safe, and typically pain-free for all our patients. We also offer endodontics surgery in Waldorf, Maryland for tooth damage that is irreparable by a non-surgical root canal. Contact us now!

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