How to Treat Sensitive Teeth

How to Treat Sensitive Teeth

Do you feel any pain when drinking coffee or cold drinks? Or even feel a sharp painful sensation when brushing or flossing? If so, then you have sensitive teeth.

What causes sensitive teeth?

Experts, like root canal specialist in Maryland, say that tooth grinding, hard brushing, and taking acidic food and drinks such as soda and citrus fruits are some causes of tooth fracture or chipping, making the teeth painful.

How to treat it?

Depending on the situation, your endodontist may suggest:

  • Desensitizing toothpaste
  • Application of fluoride gel
  • A crown, inlay, or bonding resin
  • Surgical gum graft

Root Canal Treatment

Having sensitive teeth keeps you from digging the food that you like. There will be times when you cannot enjoy food because your teeth might act up, especially when eating desserts like ice cream. Of course, you will refrain from taking those to avoid any emergency root canal in Clinton, Maryland.

When you think you need endodontics surgery in Waldorf, Maryland, for your root canal difficulties, entrust it to us at Excelsis Root Canal Specialties. We will do our best to provide you comfort from your teeth problems so you can go back savoring your favorite grubs. Call us at 301-710-0366 for an appointment.

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