Insurance information

First of all, we at Excelsis Root Canal Specialties, are delighted you have considered our practice for your dental care. Dental insurance benefits vary from medical insurance benefits. While many healthcare providers pay a higher percentage of the cost for services rendered, due to the structure and standard operating procedure of dental insurance, unfortunately is not the case with your dental benefits. Dental benefits are based on a negotiated agreement between your employer and your insurance company.

If you could please review your insurance benefit booklet, which would fully explain your dental benefits that are available in your coverage. Employers choose the coverage provided, which would result in the patient payment varying for each procedure.

Based on the information provided, our office will provide the patient with an estimated copay prior to the initial office visit. As the copay is based on the percentage of coverage, we cannot guarantee the amount to be paid. We are not responsible for submitting your claim to your insurance company, but do this as a service to our patients, we do this gratis, as we know this can be stressful enough. Once the claim has been submitted, if the amount paid by the insurance company is less than or greater than the estimated copay, you will either be issued a refund or receive a bill for the difference.

For your convenience we have listed the insurances we accept in our website under the insurance tab.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions in regards to our financial policies.