What to expect when you visit our practice for the treatment.

When you walk into our practice you will be greeted by one of our friendly receptionist. The receptionist will check you in. You will have minimal to no wait, before you are taken to the treatment room by one of our dental assistant. The dental assistant will take x-rays and prepare for a consult. Your endodontist will then come over and check your teeth and x-rays and determine whether a treatment is needed. If you are ready for the treatment the same day then you will be given some local anesthetic.

You will be offered headphone and or blanket to make you comfortable during the procedure while you are waiting for the numbness to kick in. Once you are numbed, your endodontist will check again to make sure that the tooth is completely numb before starting the procedure. The tooth is isolated with a rubber dam and the procedure is started.

We use state of the art equipment which includes CBCT when necessary. CBCT is a 3 dimensional imaging that will guide us to reach a diagnosis, navigate different anatomy or help us plan if a surgery is needed. We use microscope to help us see better while we work. We also have digital Xray, and instruments that makes difficult root canals easier. The treatment mostly takes a single visit. Some cases might need more than one visit, which your endodontist will let you know beforehand. The procedure is painless and takes about an hour to hour and half depending on cases. Once the procedure is done you will be given post treatment instructions. Make sure to take pain medications before the numbness wears off.

You are now done with the treatment. You can schedule an appointment thereafter with your general dentist for a permanent filling and crown. We recommend that you see the general dentist within 1-2 weeks after the root canal treatment is completed.