Save More Time When You Visit a Specialist Directly

Save More Time When You Visit a Specialist Directly

It is always an emergency when your dentist calls for emergency root canal services. This is because being booked for one means that the nerve and pulp of your extremely decayed tooth have been infected.

However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be postponed since the date of your emergency root canal in Clinton, Maryland will still depend on the severity of your symptoms. Generally, extreme pain, bleeding, and damage to the tooth that exposes the pulp and nerve signal are regarded as an urgent situation.

In any case, going to an endodontist, that is, a root canal specialist, directly will save you precious time before your tooth becomes unsavable.

But how do you know you’re a candidate for the procedure? Here are 5 signs from us here at Excelsis Root Canal Specialties, your trusted provider of endodontics surgery in Waldorf, Maryland:

  1. Persistent pain that bothers you all the time or pain that might go away from time to time but always return. Usually, you will feel the pain in your jaw, face, or in your other teeth.
  2. Sensitivity to heat and cold that results in a dull ache or a sharp pain that lingers for long periods of time, even when you stop eating or drinking.
  3. Grayish-black appearance of the infected tooth that signals the lack of blood supply.
  4. Swollen gums that feel tender to the touch or painful on the site of the painful tooth or around it.
  5. Gum boil or little pimples on your gum from your infection

If you experience at least two of the above symptoms, we suggest enlisting a root canal specialist in Maryland as soon as possible.

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