Endodontic Treatments in Clinton & Waldrof, MD

Management of Trauma

Sometimes teeth can undergo trauma due to fall, sports injury or accidents. The tooth would need to be evaluated and managed immediately after such incidents. Management of trauma might include splinting of the tooth, Root canal treatment, Pulpotomy, regenerative therapy or extractions.

3D Imaging or CBCT

CBCT is an innovative imaging technology that will enable the endodontist to see the tooth in a three dimensional view. In certain cases a CBCT will enable endodontist to diagnose, evaluate, treat and care.

Sedation Dentistry

We offer oral conscious sedation. Patient will be prescribed combination of oral medications that are taken night before and morning of the treatment. Patient will remain calm and relaxed during the procedure. We monitor the patient very well throughout the procedure. Patient would however not be able to travel to and from the appointment alone and would need a supervising adult.

Regenerative Therapy

Vital pulp and regenerative therapy are beneficial on a young patient where the permanent tooth are still erupting or the root has not completely matured. The primary purpose of the treatment is to help maintain healthy pulp or regenerate pulp from surrounding stem cell and allow the root to grow.

Management of Cracked Teeth

Habits such as grinding and clenching, or chewing on hard objects can cause teeth to be more susceptible to cracks. The tooth can be temperature sensitive or get infected over time. We have tools to diagnose crack and provide necessary treatment. Root canal treatment can get you out of pain. If the crack is deep, then in such cases extraction might be necessary.

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