Root Canal in Clinton & Waldrof, MD

Root canal treatments are the most common procedure done at our endodontic practice. The procedure is painless and relatively quick and similar to doing a filling or a crown.

What Is a Root Canal

Root canal procedure involves numbing the tooth to make the procedure painless. We always ensure that the tooth is very numb before we start the procedure. A protective shield is placed on the tooth, to isolate and protect.

We then proceed to making a small opening on the tooth to get to the root canal system, which is followed by series of instruments used to clean the root canal space. The canal is then filed with biocompatible filling material and a temporary filling is placed on the tooth to close the opening.

Root Canal in Clinton

Most root canal treatments are finished in a single visit. After the root canal is done, we recommend that you to see your dentist for a permanent filling and a crown within next few days.

A root canal is a procedure specifically designed to save you from losing a tooth. Our teeth are comprised of certain parts, one of them being the pulp. A tooth’s pulp is where the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue are housed. When this area becomes inflamed or infected, then a root canal procedure must be taken in order to save that tooth from falling right out of your mouth. 

How Do I Know if I Might Need a Root Canal?

When your pulp becomes inflamed or infected, you will begin to feel symptoms that prompt you to take action.


    These are pretty common, but certain toothaches point to the possibility of an inflamed/infected pulp. If you experience sharp pain in the middle of the night that leads into a generalized headache, then your tooth’s root may be suffering.


    If you see a bump near the top part of a tooth and/or pus present in the mouth, then there is a good chance a root canal will be required.


    Extreme pain to hot and cold foods is a good indicator.


    Dark discoloration on the tooth points to a deteriorated pulp. This is a severe sign.

Don't Wait

If you notice a recurring pain that doesn’t seem to halt, then contact our dentist immediately. It is always better to save a tooth than to have it extracted and replaced.

Feel free to call our office at 240-244-1013 to learn more about Root Canals in Clinton or any other services we provide. We will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.