What is a Tooth Abscess?

What is a Tooth Abscess?

When bacteria enter the root of your teeth, pus will start to build and accumulate in the area. You may feel throbbing sensations and pain when chewing or taking hot and cold food and drinks. When the pus ruptures, you will taste a slightly salty and foul-smelling and tasting fluid from your mouth. You will experience a fever, too. When this happens, you have to visit the dental clinic.

How does it happen?

When your tooth has a crack, bacteria will invade and spread down to its root. When it worsens, you may need an emergency root canal in Clinton, Maryland.

How to avoid having a tooth abscess? A root canal specialist in Maryland suggests the following:

  • Have proper dental hygiene.

    Use a toothpaste with fluoride when brushing your teeth and floss after eating to remove stuck food in between your teeth. Use an antiseptic mouthwash as well.

  • Have a minimal intake of sweets and sugary food and drinks.

    Limit your intake of sodas, candies, and other sweet stuff.

  • Visit your dentist for regular dental services.

    It is essential to have check-ups and get a professional cleaning from trusted dental clinics.

For your dental needs, visit Excelsis Root Canal Specialties. We can help you with your root canal problems and perform endodontics surgery in Waldorf, Maryland, as needed. Root canal treatments are safe. Only trust the experts in endodontics treatments and surgery.

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